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Jan 25 & Feb 11, 2022


All men have animal approach,

all men have their instinct

and to rape a woman

and rape a woman

is a natural man's instinct.

It's not unusual, unnatural.

Yogi Bhajan 7-8-79

PressHerald - Jan 9, 2022 - LINK

Nov 21, 2021

While the Compassionate Reconciliation process is progressing at an extremely slow pace, the leaders of the organizations have still not recognized the damage done. In their newsletters and on their websites (3HO, KRI, IKYTA) they do everything they can to keep the elephant in the room out of sight.

Some days ago Nam Kaur launched an email you can read in full-length via link below. Her call: In March 2022 we will finally have the opportunity to elect enough pro-Yogi Bhajan Board members to have the majority on the Board for the first time in years.

READ more about the battle for executive chair control in a blog post on 3HO Cult Info - LINK

Posted on Sep 24, 2021 in the Beyond the Cage Facebook group by Suzanne Jordan.

She gave permission to publish it here.

'Another complexity in the wake of YB's destruction is those who are squarely landed in both a victim & perpetrator role.

In the case of YB staff, learning on the Zoom call last Sunday that at least one 1st Gen woman had sex with YB in front of a second Gen woman (both in bed with him) to normalize the abuse has brought up a lot of anger for many.

1st Gen women shaving the 2nd Gen and teaching them how YB liked sex.

How do we hold for both?

Sure, the cult-indoctrination was the coercive dynamic at play, but then I think of what I consider to be a real moral lapse happening, the grooming of 2nd Gen women.

Should that "also-victim" be held accountable?

Additionally, this is why some staff members are silent.

Their participation is prosecutable. They could go to prison. We won't ever hear from them.

Does this all fall under the sway of their victimization?

When is accountability appropriate?

Many 2nd Gen (on and off the call) were outraged that some 1st Gen call themselves "victims",

because they were repeatedly abused by them.'