End of April 1992 Guru Bir S and Guru Siri K,

were asked by their spiritual teacher Yogi Bhajan,

whom they blindly trusted since eighteen years,

to do him a favour. They did.

Their lives and that of their children turned into a hell.

The Arrest

Guru Siri Kaur explains the impact the raid had ...

After her husband had been arrested and was in jail,

Guru Siri held on to her belief that truth always prevails.

She did a very brave thing!

She dressed up in a professional suit and walked into the Court House

as if she did that every day.

Following her intuition she found the place where the files were stored.

She started looking for her husband's file ... and found it ...

The FBI does what they always do:

they investigate.

Yogi Bhajan flees to New Mexico.

Guru Siri finds out that they had been

betrayed by their friends.

The Assistant District Attorney of California who investigated the case during 5 months together with the FBI mentions, amongst other things, 2 unsolved murders of 3HO members.

The Court Case

This is in short the amazing story of two beautiful people who

despite all evil that was presented to them by their 'spiritual teacher'

gratuated with excellence

in the school of life.

The story is extracted from Episode 1 of the Uncomfortable Conversations. GuruNischan interviewed Guru Bir S and Guru Siri K on Nov 24, 2020°.

Link to the full interview.

How Yogi Bhajan

let an innocent man be send to prison and

turns this man's life and that of his family into a living hell

to save his own skin.