One day the FBI came into our morning sadhana with guns to come and arrest GuruJot Singh,

leaving the rest of the community in shock.

Input from a witness who prefers to stay anonymous.

LINK to the Lawsuit of Feb 1988

in which GuruJot Singh is accused of different

events of Drug Smuggling and Weapon Traffic.

Sat Hanuman Singh Khalsa was the South-East sales manager for CBB, the Community Business Brokers. He talks here about the 30% of the commission of all sales managers that went to Yogi Bhajan, as if that was 'normal'.

People gave money as Yogi Bhajan told them

it was for the community.

In reality he made sure that he owned everything.

More about Tej's story - Link

1,3 million inheritance

of Guru Gun

to buy land

for 3HO

She lives in

poverty now

Link to her story

In 1998 the Federal Trade Commission charged the 'Sweet Song Corporation' of

Gemstone fraud.

Three California-based telemarketing companies

and their owner, Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa,

agreed to pay monetary judgment


On Feb 1, 2000 the Federal Trade Commission publishes another article on the case:

Last Defendant Named in a Gemstone
Telemarketing Case Banned from
Telemarketing Activities


Mani Niall talks about the

lawsuits and FBI raids into the ashrams

About a dead body found in a trunk.

The man knew he was going to be killed.

The end of the myth of Ram Das Puri land

given by the Hopi's ...

The heritage of GuruGun K was used for that.

She lives in a trailer nowadays.

One day a letter came from Headquarters

asking people to put their businesses

in the name of the SSSC.

Yogi Bhajan giving himself a raise.

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on May 2, 2021


In the 1980's, Yogi Bhajan told his students who worked in Hari Jiwan Singh's Boiler Room at GRD (Guru Ram Das Enterprises)

in Los Angeles that there was "No Karma over the telephone"

to justify the fraud that they were perpetrating.

Incredibly, they believed him and this inane phrase was repeated often.

This is what happens when you are in a cult.

Critical thinking goes out the window.

Extract from the

Santa Fe Journal:

22 people explain why they left the community in the last 2 months (1985)


... Keval claimed he donated $90,000.00 and

another member donated $30,000.00 to the construction of a church at the ashram.

Keval said that Yogi Bhajan had told him the land in question was owned by the organization, but he learned afterwards that it was actually owned by the Yogi ...