Siri Nirongkar Singh Khalsa raised in 3HO

"There was no Method to the Madness"

Extracts from the interview GuruNishan had with him on Dec 30, 2020°.

Siri entered the community at the age of 9. He came with his mom.

Adapting to the new life was strange.

He was brought up by the guardians. Regularly handed over from one to another every year he went to a different school in a different town. They did not abuse him but he felt neglected.

Living with the head of the ashram in Espanola, he saw many things.

He was bullied at school because of his turban and being a vegetarian.

His favorite events of the year were

Solictice and Children's camp.

Some guides were incompetent, but it was fun.

He went to school in India at 13.

As he knew Nanak Dev (supervisor) from before,

he knew how to handle him. He heard and knew about

other kids stories related to Nanak Dev.

Siri holds 'the Sytem' including Yogi Bhajan

responsible for what happened.

That program was run on incompetence, he says.

Nanak Dev, the supervisor of the school assigned Siri Nirongkar as his 'enforcer'.

That meant he was the one

who would beat up the kids.

And he did.

He wished that ...

If I wronged you,

reach out to me.

At the age of 17-18 he worked for Akal Security and became YB's bodyguard. He started to get to know the Siri Singh Sahib well, how he manipulated people, how he chose his allies well.

He used me as he used other people.

I threathened our own kids with guns for him.

At 22 Siri was forced into a marriage that he did not want.

He was broken as he felt his life was not his own.

YB owned all the decisions.

Power was YB's game. He was messing with people's heads.

After a while, Siri had an affair. YB heard about it and moved the girl into his inner circle. One year later he started raping her.

At 25 he was sent by YB to the school in India

to be a guardian to 100 kids.

He had no training to do that, insufficient resources and no support.

Kids had to do their own laundry, there was not enough food.

I started to challenge YB politely but firmly.

I needed 50 cents a day per kid to feed them.

There was not a method to the madness.

Where did the money go ?