Yogi Bhajan about why women are beaten up and what they can do to avoid it.

He starts talking about this at minute 05:00.

Yogi Bhajan: Thank God, to the grace of God that woman has that tolerance and she goes through.

But the funny part of it is there are some women who get stimulated by being beaten.

That thirty percent in women, there are like these thirties, thirty percent women like to get beaten and it stimulates them.

Thirty percent women, twenty percent women get abused and it stimulates them and thirty percent women are those who provoke violence and like to enjoy it, it stimulates them.

So it is not a one-way traffic that men are all dirty and women are good, or women are bad and men are good.

Yogi Bhajan attacks Siri Nirongkar in the back, hits him on the head, kicks him ...

More about Siri's story - Link


while she asks him a question about her marriage

One day she went to talk to YB about her marriage. YB had her to kneel down in front of him. A secretary stood behind him.

'He started doing his trance thing. I don't remember what he said. He started looking at me, I was totally fozen and next moment he is hitting me in the face. He is just like punching me in the face and ... I pretty much left my body. I don't remember how I got back to Ladies camp. I remember standing there ... and I was so traumatized and I was thinking "Who can I tell? ... there was nobody who would believe me. Nobody would believe me because if you said anything against him, you were slandering, you were ... There was always some reason to defend his behaviour. Or, you must have done something, or it must have been worth for him hitting you ... which is just insane.'