It is not our responsibility to make them see.


A second-generation adult.


telling horrific stories of

Second Generation Children

who are now Adults.

How they were told that their group was superior

to others and at the same time they were neglected, separated from their parents, exploited, beaten, sent to schools in India (or US) where they were handed over to guardians and teachers who were often not trained for childhood education. They were isolated, slandered, slapped, disregarded, sexually abused. They were deprived of their dreams. They were forced into

arranged marriages to strangers. They were

deprived of opportunities in life and many

were and are still engaged in

therapies to support

trauma recovery.





How it was

to grow up in an environment

where the adults had given up their power.

GuruNischan about calling out to Krishna Kaur.

Dr. Alexandra Stein's report on

3HO Childhood Experiences


Released in October 2022.

Input for the Independent Healing and Reparations Program.

YB speaking to parents in 1983

Children have no future without you,

this is what you think.

I think children have brighter and better future without you. Totally and I am very convinced of it. …

You are neurotics, what you are going to inject your neurosis to the children?

What I believe is we will have the most intelligent and self-contained child for tomorrow.

We believe in one, or two or three generations,

we'll be in a position to produce

according to all human scriptures

a race of people who can understand,

who can raise,

and who can have children worth to be the proud of.


Yogi Bhajan.

KRI Library of Teachings

Los Angeles Lecture, 1983, March 14.

A four-year old

was forced

to sit on YB's lap for hours and hours.

He was rough with

her body.

LISTEN to her story

We need public apologies

from the people who were guides in India.

They are still alive, they live in Espanola.

Where are they?

LISTEN to the 2nd Gen Adult who said this

In 1978, a mother and her 2 daughters

(aged 15 and 16)

were referred to Dr Ron Alexander.

Yogi Bhajan proposed the girls

to come and see him separately,

without their mother,

for a Tantric healing session.

They were urged by YB not to tell their mother ...

Separating children from their parents

was a common practice.

I was in charge of me. As a 4 year old I was doing incredibly adult things.