Posted on FB Abuse Kundalini Yogi Bhajan on May 17, 2021

All men have animal approach,

all men have their instinct  and to rape a woman and rape a woman is a natural man's instinct. It's not unusual, unnatural.

Yogi Bhajan 7-8-79

George Craig McMillian († 2022)

former Kirantana Khalsa, YB's bodyguard,

about what he heard in YB's bedroom ...

... and how YB raped Kirn Jot,the woman he loved

and forced her to have sex with other women ...

... the story of Kirn Jot can be read HERE ...

People want to be raped


Women enjoy sex after they have been beaten up.

Yogi Bhajan, 1983.

Rape is always invited,

it never happens.

Yogi Bhajan, 1978.

Link to full lecture.

Rape talk starts

after 1 hour of 'babbling'

 1986 Lawsuits

against Yogi Bhajan and 3HO

Link to Newspapers

2020 Independent report on sexual abuse by Yogi Bhajan


 Teenager Kirn Jot

(most to the right)

was brutally raped by Bhajan

Read her story HERE.

 Guru Dev Singh,

master of Sat Nam Rasayan,

systematically abused Olivia

when she was 17-18

during so-called healing sessions.

Listen to her story.

A man

born and raised in 3HO

was sexually abused

by another 3HO child

at the school in India. 

Listen to his story

If he were alive today ...

Yogi Bhajan would be in prison.

Dr. Ron Alexander