Illustrative Testimonials of the Abuse and Misconduct in the World of

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan († 2004) 


Sat Nam Rasayan by Guru Dev Singh († April 5, 2021)

using Testimonials from Survivors as a Primary Source of Info.

Since Pamela Dyson's book

'White Bird in a Golden Cage. My life with Yogi Bhajan'.

came out at the beginning of 2020

many survivors have talked openly about the

abuse and malpractices they experienced

in the world of KYatbYB* and SNR**

There are so many stories out there to read and take in. Only a few people have the time to do that.

And yet it is so important

that the survivors' voices are heard.

This site aims to Illustrate what happened on the

Dark Side of our History,

to show the Vastness of the Harm done

in a Concise Way.

 * KYatbYB: Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan

** SNR: Sat Nam Rasayan lead by Guru Dev Singh is a healing technique that uses KYatbYB tools.

Testimonies from survivors may reawaken old traumas.

Here is Dr Ron Alexander's advice for people who might get triggered by the stories included here:

GuruNischan's Uncomfortable Conversations

are the main source of

material informing this site.

Click here to learn more about her

We've spoken about the good things for 50 years ...


we are facing the dark head on

and shining light on it.

GuruNischan Kaur Khalsa

Kundalini Yoga abuse
Kundalini Yoga abuse

When we look

at the Dark Side of our History

with Open Hearts

with Conscious Bodies and Minds

without Fear,

when we Witness with Love

the Painful Truth

that was Kept Hidden for Far Too Long

and that Longed to be Seen,

we might be able

to Process and Discharge

the Heavy Energies we Carry

and Produce Rich Fertiliser

for a Lighter Future.

Siri Nirongkar talks about

the polarity in today's Kundalini Yoga community.

His advice: Take the high road.

Siri Nirongkar was 9

when he arrived in the community.

He was raised by the guards, went to school in India,

led the school for several years,

worked for Akal Security and was a bodyguard

and caregiver of Yogi Bhajan until his death.

On Dec 30, 2020, GuruNischan interviewed him°.

Read more about his story here.