Testimonials of Survivors of Decades of Abuse and Misconduct in the world of

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan († 2004) 


Sat Nam Rasayan by Guru Dev Singh († April 5, 2021)

VICE documentary "True Believers" - episode the Dark Empire of Yogi Bhajan Apr 12, 2022

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The visual* above shows the different layers of trustees Yogi Bhajan created around him. It surely is incomplete and not fully correct. The aim is to give an idea about the complexity and broad reach that Yogi Bhajan had.

Structures, entities and responsibilities were permanently changing and obscure. Most of the abuse and misconduct took place in the Inner Circle and in isolated parts like the Indian schools.

The further out from the centre, the less visible and tangible the consequences of the abuse was.

Some of his followers whom he put in leadership positions, copied his behaviour. He was the only example they had. Testimonies on this site confirm this.

* Inspired by the visuals that Alexandra Stein uses in her book Terror, Love& Brainwashing to explain the structure of a totalist system - Link

When we Dare to Look

at the Dark Side of our History

when we Allow ourselves

to Listen

to the Testimonies revealing

the Painful Truth

that was kept Hidden for Far Too Long

Only Then will we be Able

to Evolve into a Lighter Future.

Testimonies from survivors may reawaken old traumas.

Here is Dr Ron Alexander's advice for people who might get triggered by the stories included here:

Main sources used here:

GuruNischan's Uncomfortable Conversations

Mina Bahadori interviews on Instagram

related to the abuses in the KY community

Yogi-Bhajan-Kundalini-Abuse Facebook page

RishiKnots Website and Instagram

Kundalini Yoga abuse

Since Pamela Dyson's book

'White Bird in a Golden Cage. My life with Yogi Bhajan'.

came out at the beginning of 2020

many new stories came out

about abuse in the world of KYatbYB* and SNR**.

Survivors' voices need to be heard.

This site aims to show the Vastness of the Harm done.

 * KYatbYB: Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan

** SNR: Sat Nam Rasayan lead by Guru Dev Singh is a healing technique that uses KYatbYB tools.

Siri Nirongkar talks about

the polarity in today's Kundalini Yoga community.

His advice: Take the high road.

Kundalini Yoga abuse

Siri Nirongkar was 9

when he arrived in the community.

He was raised by the guards, went to school in India,

led the school for several years,

worked for Akal Security and was a bodyguard

and caregiver of Yogi Bhajan until his death.

On Dec 30, 2020, GuruNischan interviewed him°.

Read more about his story here.