Stand up Avtar.

Let me tear you apart.

Yogi Bhajan said to a woman who just had a miscarriage.

1983 - Yogi Bhajan at Women's camp

shouting at Avtar Kaur - Tara Brach

who just had a miscarriage

source: KY Library of Teachings

One woman who was present at this 1983 lecture spoke about this event last year.

She testifies about the sadness she feels

for having witnessed all this and

not having stood up for her.

As a woman and a sister

we all should have stood up for her.

Nobody stood up for her because

we would all be in his trance, she said.

2020 - Tara Brach, the woman who was shouted at by Yogi Bhajan,

talked about this experience

in a lecture she gave during a retreat on

'Trusting who we are'

Yogi Bhajan

decided it ALL:

who you were allowed to

love, marry, divorce, have sex with, ...

George Craig McMillian former Kirantana Khalsa was interviewed by GuruNischan° on Dec 31, 2020.

He tells us about how Yogi Bhajan kept on separating him from the women he loved.

His beloved one calls George

to tell him how

Yogi Bhajan raped her

and forced her to have sex with other women.

George was broken after hearing this.

When you watch the full interview he gave

to GuruNischan on Dec 31, 2020°,

you will see how he was ten times greater than YB 'the master', teaching yoga in difficult war situations.

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Mani Niall explains how a Tantric partner whom he did not know became his wife.

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