We need public apologies from the people who were guides

in India. They are still alive, they live in Espanola.

Where are they?

Narangkar Glover - founder of Rishiknots - Website & Instagram

On Sep 16, 2019 four months before Pamela's book came out,

Narangkar spoke about her experiences

in the 3HO Sikh Dharma Kundalini Yoga environment

in a 1 hour 'Generation Cult' interview entitled

'No Horses in India'


 It is a testimony about the neglect,

 child-swapping and violence experienced

and about a traumatizing stay at a harsch boarding school in India.

In her March 25, 2021 post, Narangkar who launched the RishiKnots website and blog - LINK - talks about

+ how and why RishiKnots.com came into being and how it feels now

+ how mental health was ignored in 3HO and lead to a murder in 2014

+ how she was called 'crazy' because she spoke about such issues

+ how scary and retraumatizing it is to share stories and hear them

+ how damaging diminishing is

+ about the recent $10K reimburrsment for therapy

Narangkar Glover 

was born and raised in the 3HO

She talks about how the

first generation people need to take their responsibility.

On Jul 28, 2021

GuruNischan interviewed Narangkar. Here is her Bio.

Early childhood trauma is not a mental illness. About the cruelty of the community for those who left and the complete lack of compassion.

To the first generation: if you come to the table to take responsibility, then we can talk.

We were regulated to uncertainty.

I never heard the question

'Are you hungry?'

On Oct 3, 2020 she was interviewed by

Mina Bahadori on  Instagram