If we hold any leader "above" his accountability, we move from being in Dharma, to being in a cult.

Tej Steiner - 1986

Tej Steiner led the Toronto ashram

in Canada from 1970-1988.

On Nov 24, 2020, GuruNishan interviewed him°.

After 16 years in the sangat,

Tej hears about how

YB sexual abused his secretaries

and about GuruJot's criminal activities.

He asks questions about it.

YB threatens him:

There are people who love me so much.

They do not like it when I am slandered.

And these people have guns ...

Tej sends letters to his friends and peers

at the Khalsa Council,

the co-leaders of the community.

He asks them to take up their responsibility,

to question their spiritual leader

due to the sexual abuse and misconduct

that becomes apparent,

to hold on to the Sikh Dharma principles

of honesty and courage.

None of them respect him for this.

Instead he is

shunned, threatened, slandered and isolated.

Abuse in 3HO Kundalini Yoga by Yogi Bhajan

The open letter Tej wrote to all sangat leaders

and the Khalsa Council on July 21, 1988.

The open letter Tej wrote to Yogi Bhajan on March 25, 1988,

about why he resigns as head of KY Canada.