The book that shook the 3HO Kundalini Yoga world

at the beginning of 2020.

Premka abuse in 3HO Kundalini Yoga

Just before Coronavirus hit humanity, this book unleashed a storm

that ripped through the international Kundalini Yoga community.

 Pamela Saharah Dyson testifies about sixteen years close to Yogi Bhajan.

Telling her story of sexual and power abuse,

she takes a critical look at her own part in the story.

Bhajan gave her the title of Secretary General, second in command,

while in fact she had no decision power whatsoever.

Her book encouraged many other people

who had suffered from Yogi Bhajan's abuse and misconduct

to start sharing their own stories.

In the history records of KYatbYB

this book will appear as a major milestone.

 ... So right then and there a spontaneous prayer was evoked... a passionate plea to God for the stamina to withstand whatever challenges might come. I resolved to defy, to override, my rational mind, to disregard my own intuitive voice, to dedicate myself to following this spiritual teacher wherever he might lead me. 

extract from Premka

p. 42 - Chapter 'Meltdown at Melrose'

Bhajan lied to the women he was having sex with, telling them that he was having sex with them to resolve their Karma. Extract from Premka (p. 68):

There was another story he loved to tell me, “In a past life, you were a Temple Priestess in Burma, and I was a celibate monk in that temple. The Temple Priestess is also the ruler of the country, and she does not take a husband because she is the Sovereign. Rather she just chooses any man whenever she wants to have sex. You used to taunt me and try to make me to break my vows of celibacy. In this lifetime, I am just settling this past karma.” What a strange concept. It was painfully confusing. I would plead with him: “But sir, I really am fine without sex. I would really prefer to be celibate. I don’t want to have this conflict and confusion. I always feel torn because you’re my teacher and you have a wife, and you’re teaching everyone to be either celibate or married. I would really prefer to just serve you as a devotee.” I desperately wanted to be free of the torment, of the duality of our relationship. It seemed to me that life would be so much simpler, so much more pure and perfect if it didn’t have this confusing complication. These conversations always ended in his laughing at me, rocking his head from side to side, Indian style, saying, “Na, na, you cannot live without it, I know that.”

GuruNischan talks about what the reading of  Pamela's book

did to her...

Mani Niall recognised in this book the patterns of YB's misconduct as he experienced it in his 'small' role.

Dr Ron Alexander on the assaults Pamela Dyson had to endure after the release of her book ...

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On her Blog,

Pamela Dyson shares more stories and reflections. She elaborates on topics like her return to New Mexico,

the lawsuit and how she was finally able to liberate herself fully from Yogi Bhajan and what she calls the 3HO cult.