Suzanne Jordan challenges Yogi Bhajan about his overweight

YB: You mean I should get to be skinny?

Suzanne: No sir, lean and mean.

Suzanne Jordan (former Kirtan Kaur) is the host and facilitator of the Closed Facebook Group 'Beyond the Cage'. Here is how she introduces the recording of her famous 'talk' with YB:

This is me at 24 years old in a videotaped interaction that I had

with yb in 1984 at Women's Camp.

The laughter you will hear is mostly nervous laughter as the intention of the Yogi Bhajan's lecture was how to dismantle someone in a conversation by creating doubt and confusion.

Yogi Bhajan gave permission for anyone to "come at him" with full permission to be attacking in nature, then yb would demonstrate how he dismantles people using doubt and confusion.

I was determined to succeed and not succumb to his methods.

KWTC Lecture July 25, 1984

Link to the video 

After viewing this lecture, a former secretary commented:

Your interaction with him would have been like foreplay, sexually arousing him.

He would've wanted to dominate you afterward to put you in your place.

Suzanne Jordan, formerly known as Kirtan Kaur,

is completing her memoir that will share her full story.